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We are only providing online classes at present due to low demand for in-person classes. In-person Level III classes are to resume as soon as demand picks up.

CFA® Program Overview

The CFA Program, administered by CFA Institute, sets the global standard for investment industry knowledge and ethical behaviour. CFA Institute determines the curriculum, administers the exam, and awards the charter. Known as the “gold standard” amongst financial industry professionals, the CFA charter is recognized as a significant benchmark within the financial community. A quote from The Financial Times reads: “Among the countless finance degrees around the world, the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification has become the gold standard.” The CFA Institute describes its program as a “globally recognised, graduate level curriculum that links theory and practice with real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills.” The program focuses on portfolio management, asset valuation, financial reporting and corporate finance.

The CFA Program consists of a series of three examinations (Levels I, II, and III). The Level I exam is offered four times per year, and the Level II and III exams twice a year.

Kaplan Schweser

Level III CFA® Program: Online Course

Financial Training Solutions is proud to partner with Kaplan Schweser! With over 30 years as the proven global leader in CFA Program review, Kaplan Schweser is uniquely qualified to show you the way. Kaplan Schweser has constructed the most effective and comprehensive study packages in the industry and has helped hundreds of thousands of candidates prepare for CFA Program exams. Kaplan Schweser is a member of the CFA Institute Prep Provider Program.

With Kaplan Schweser’s classes, you will be guided through the entire CFA Program curriculum with an expert instructor. The classes will take you through all the important topics and drive the key concepts home to help you retain vital information. Structured, focused, motivated… this class experience can help you pass the CFA Program exam – The First Time!

With the OnDemand Class, you attend class on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the CFA Program curriculum.  The classes are archived in your online account, and can be accessed at any time.

The Module Videos are recorded videos that cover the SchweserNotes™ material. These videos are available to view at any time.

We have 2 training options:

ONLINE Classes and
Schweser Essential Package
ONLINE Classes only
Schweser Masterclass (OnDemand Classes – Online)
Schweser Masterclass Workbooks
SchweserNotes™ (4-volume set)
Module Videos
SchweserPro™ QBank
CFA Institute Question Review Videos
CFA Mock Exams 1-4
Checkpoint Exams
Schweser’s QuickSheet™
Kaplan Schweser Community
Schweser’s PassProtection™
Price excl. VAT: R14 100 R8 500
VAT: R2 115 R1 275
Price incl. VAT: R16 215 R9 775

If you are selecting Option 1, our recommendation is to enrol early so that you can receive your Schweser study material as soon as possible so that you can begin your preparations. The Schweser study material is currently available.

Flexible payment options are available by arrangement. The prices do not include CFA Institute registration and exam fees. You need to register on the CFA Institute website ( and pay them the registration and exam fees.

To enroll for the course, you need to download the enrolment form below, complete it and email it to us with your proof of payment. The banking details are on the enrolment form. We do currently have space for the course.

Description of Schweser products:

2025 CFA Level III study package

  • Schweser Masterclass (OnDemand Classes – online)
    With the OnDemand Classes, you attend class on your own schedule with in-depth video lectures covering every topic in the CFA Program curriculum. The classes are archived in your online account, and can be accessed at any time.
  • Schweser Masterclass Workbooks
    The two-volume set of Masterclass Workbooks contains the class content, examples, and questions to guide you through the lectures and support your instruction.
  • SchweserNotes™ (physical books and eBooks)
    This 4-volume set consists of clear, concise study notes and examples that cover every Learning Outcome Statement in the most effective manner possible. The notes contain practice quizzes to help you retain vital information.
  • Module Videos
    The Module Videos supplement your readings with recorded videos covering the SchweserNotes™ material. You can reference these 40+ hours of recorded videos as you are reading through your SchweserNotes™ books to reinforce your understanding of the material. These videos are available to view at any time.
  • CFA Institute Question Review Videos
    10+ hours of in-depth CFA videos walk you through the CFA Institute End-of-Reading questions from the CFA Institute Program material. You will get expert advice and strategies from CFA instructors as they guide you through the questions.
  • CFA Mock Exams 1-4
    Each mock exams simulates the length, format, difficulty, and interface of the actual CFA Program exam, and provides detailed solutions. The exams are in the same format [(Computer-based test (CBT)] as the actual CFA Program exam.
  • Checkpoint Exams
    3 Checkpoint Exams assess your knowledge at 1/3 of the way through, 2/3 of the way through, and the end of the study program. These checkpoint questions mimic the length, format, difficulty and interface of the actual CFA Program exam.
  • SchweserPro™ QBank
    This intuitive question bank provides over 3,000 questions designed to accurately assess and adapt to your understanding of the CFA Program curriculum.
  • Schweser’s QuickSheet™
    This foldable, 6-page, laminated document summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts for a quick review of every major topic in the CFA Program curriculum.
  • Kaplan Schweser Community
    This is a community forum to engage with Schweser experts and other CFA candidates to post questions, find answers, and engage in meaningful discussions throughout your studies.
  • Schweser’s Pass Protection™
    If you do not pass the exam, your next study package is free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

Some comments from candidates on our courses:

The quotes below are reproduced with permission. Should you wish to obtain the contact details of any of the candidates below, please let us know, and we will pass them on to you after the candidate gives us the necessary permission.

“I thought I would share my good news with you and let you know that I passed the Level III CFA Program exam. Thank you Financial Training Solutions team for all of the help and support throughout my CFA Program studies over the last few years, it made all the difference in the World and I don’t think that I would have managed to pass otherwise.”

– Faryn Edelstein, CFA

“I just wanted to let you know I passed, and thank you once again for all the words of wisdom, constantly pushing us and ultimately preparing us for the exam.”

– Refilwe Moroka, CFA

“I passed Level III! I am super excited about this. Also wanted to thank you for all the support you have given us, the courses and teachers are fantastic, materials are perfect and if I had to do this over again I would definitely come back to FTS.”

– Susana Balenciaga, CFA

“If your goal is to become a CFA charterholder, then I’d highly recommend participating in Financial Training Solutions’ training programmes.They provide top-notch classes going through the relevant material, bring in insightful guest lecturers and facilitate other exam tips and prep to get you through all three levels.”

– Arieh Esra, CFA

“I passed Level III of the CFA Program exam! I found FTS to be extremely useful and a great medium of learning over all 3 exams.”

– Glynn Potgieter, CFA

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Level III CFA Program exam!!!! I am extremely relieved and happy. Thank you so much for the help, tips and guidance – you’re great at this lecturing thing. I hope many more get the benefit of your lecturing.”

– Sizwe Mashinini, CFA

“I just wanted to share the good news with you – I have passed Level III. Thank you very much for your support and teachings along the way, I could not have done it without you guys.”

– Kim-Leigh van der Westhuizen, CFA

“Thank you for everything across the 3 years, your course helped a substantial amount and got me through all three years in a row. I also made the top 10% this year, so very pleased with the result. Just to let you know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed.”

– Alex Sprules, CFA

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Financial Training Solutions or Kaplan Schweser. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.