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Administered by CFA Institute, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program is a graduate-level program for investment specialists. Established in 1962, the CFA Program sets the global standard for investment knowledge, standards, and ethics. Earning the credential can serve as a passport to entry or advancement within the investment profession around the world. The designation tells clients, employers, and colleagues that the charterholder has mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of investment topics and that he or she is committed to the highest ethical standards in the profession.



The CFA Program, administered by CFA Institute, sets the global standard for investment industry knowledge and ethical behavior. CFA Institute determines the curriculum, administers the exam, and awards the charter. Known as the “gold standard” amongst financial industry professionals, the CFA charter is recognized as a significant benchmark within the financial community. A quote from The Financial Times reads: “Among the countless finance degrees around the world, the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification has become the gold standard.”


The CFA Institute describes its program as a “globally recognised, graduate level curriculum that links theory and practice with real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills.” The program focuses on portfolio management, asset valuation, financial reporting and corporate finance.


The CFA Program consists of a series of three examinations (Levels I, II, and III) that are offered annually in June, with the exception of Level I candidates who also have the option of sitting for the exam in December. Only one level can be written per year.


The entrance requirement for the CFA Program is a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree, or be in the final year of your bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree, or have four years of work experience (does not have to be investment related).




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Ethics 15%
Quantitative Methods 12%
Economics 10%
Financial Reporting & Analysis 20%
Corporate Finance 7%
Portfolio Management 7%
Equity Investments 10%
Fixed Income 10%
Derivatives 5%
Alternative Investments 4%




At Financial Training Solutions, we provide CFA courses for all three levels of the CFA Program. We offer 16-week courses and 3-Day Review Workshops for the three levels of the CFA Program. Please visit our CFA 16-week courses and CFA 3-Day Review Workshop pages for detailed information about our CFA courses.


During our CFA 16-week course, we provide one CFA lecture a week, on a weekday from 5pm – 9pm. Our CFA 3-Day Review Workshops are held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8.30am – 5.00pm on all three days.



The CFA examination process requires that you sit and pass three consecutive levels of exam. Level I exams are held in June and December each year, and Level II and III exams are only held in June.

Each of the CFA exams is a six-hour exam, consisting of two three-hour exams. The format of the exam changes from level to level.

CFA Level I – Both of the three-hour exams cover all of the Level I syllabus areas. In total there are 240 multiple-choice questions (120 questions on each paper), each based on the CFA Level I Learning Outcome Statements and each offering three choices.

CFA Level II – The Level II CFA exam consists of 20 “item set” questions: 10 in the morning session and 10 in the afternoon session. These item set questions are like miniature case studies. Each item set begins with a vignette (several paragraphs containing a story and associated data), followed by six multiple-choice questions about the vignette.

CFA Level III – The morning exam at Level III is a constructed response test where you have to provide written answers, for example calculating an appropriate asset allocation strategy for a given portfolio and explaining your recommendation. The afternoon paper is in the same format as Level II.



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