All the quotes below have been reproduced with permission. Should you wish to obtain the contact details of any of the candidates below, please let us know, and we will pass them on to you after the candidate gives us the necessary permission.

“I am very pleased to let you know that with the guidance and help from the team at Financial Training Solutions, I managed to score above 70% for all topics, with my overall result above the 90th percentile of all candidates. I cannot imagine attempting CFA without the help of FTS, and would recommend FTS to any person wishing to make the most of the opportunity of attempting the CFA 1 exam!
I am very grateful for your help and look forward to seeing you in level 2!”

– Willem (Wim) le Roux (after passing Level I)

“The team at Financial Training Solutions provided me with guidelines on how to approach my CFA studies and based on their advice, I was able to score in the top 10% for CFA level 1 as well as level 2. Financial Training Solutions provided experts-in-their-field to lecture the CFA level 2 group for the different topic areas. This gave extra insight into real-life applications of the theory and made understanding and remembering the work so much easier. This made all the difference.”

– Willem (Wim) le Roux (after passing Level II)

“I passed Level 1, will see you for level 2. I couldn’t have done it without FTS.”

– Benedatta Kalu

“Thanks for your wonderful lectures, I truly enjoyed those that I attended. I am happy to say that I am one of those who passed the Level 1 CFA exams. Keep on doing what you do. ☺ ”

– Tshepo Masango

“I have passed CFA Level 1 exam, I am was really overwhelmed with my result. Your classes, the workshop and notes contributed highly to my success with the exam. I found your notes, tips and guidelines to be very helpful and they have definitely assisted with my approach to studies. Schwesser notes and the supporting Qbank questions were a very important component to successful comprehension of such huge volumes.”

– Svetlana Shornikova

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed level 3!!!! I am extremely relieved and happy. Thank you so much for the help, tips and guidance – you’re great at this lecturing thing. I hope many more get the benefit of your lecturing.”

– Sizwe Mashinini

“I thought I would share my good news with you and let you know that I passed CFA level 3. Thank you Tim, Colin and Financial Training Solutions for all of the help and support throughout my CFA studies over the last few years, it made all the difference in the World and I don’t think that I would have managed to pass otherwise.”

– Faryn Edelstein

“I am pleased to inform you that I passed my exam. I am so grateful to you and the whole Financial Training Solutions team for your support. Your classes and exam workshop were a great help in achieving my result.”

– Nomhle Mnguni

“ Thank you for everything across the 3 years, your course helped a substantial amount and got me through all three years in a row. I also made the top 10% this year, so very pleased with the result. Just to let you know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed.”

– Alex Sprules

“I am ecstatic to inform you that I passed Level 1 on my first attempt. I could not have done this without your guidance. Coming from a completely different background (dentistry), you were able to guide me through the CFA Program in an expert manner.”

– Gretel Engelbrecht

“I’m writing to thank you guys for all the help and let you know that I passed with flying colours. I got over 70% in every single subject except Quants where I was in the 51-70% range!”

– Sebastian Valencia

“I passed Level 3! I found FTS to be extremely useful and a great medium of learning over all 3 exams.”

– Glynn Potgieter, CFA

“I was one of your students last year who wrote and successfully completed level 2, thanks to your amazing lecturers. I would like to take up the level 3 classes this year.”

– Palesa Moletsane

“Just wanted to let you know that I made it through Level 2! Thanks for all the help. Don’t think it would have been possible without the lectures, slides and exam tips! :-)”

– Patrick Dredge

“Thanks so much for all the assistance received during the course. FTS is the best and greatly committed to the students. I received my happy email below. Thank you for helping me pass!!!”

– Petia Skvorikova

“Just to let you know that I passed. Thanks for your IMMENSE contribution.”

– Raymond Majozi

“Would just like to thank the whole team for the effort put into the lectures and all the help alone the way. I passed the CFA exam and managed to get 7 subjects over 70. The lectures definitely made the difference. Thank you again.”

– Kyle Harrison

“Thanks for all the help regarding level 2, helped me pass it at first crack so figured I would continue with the winning recipe…I would like to enrol for Level 3.”

– Mini Dumisa

“I am pleased to inform you that I passed. Well done on the work you guys put in and the Kaplan Schweser study materials have been the best things since sliced bread. I look forward to Level 2.”

– Tejiri Aren

“Thank you all for the part that you played in this process, I punt you to everyone thinking about giving CFA a go! Tim, a special thank you for your constant willingness to help through the months of classes. Your methods and dedication helped me immensely.”

– Dylan van Bylevelt

“I would like to thank you for all the help, words of encouragement and your continued drive to push us to maintain our hours.”

– Refilwe Moroka, CFA (after passing Level I)

“I just wanted to let you know I passed, and thank you once again for all the words of wisdom, constantly pushing us and ultimately preparing us for the exam. I will definitely be registering for Level 3 classes.”

– Refilwe Moroka, CFA (after passing Level II)

“I would like to thank you the for effort and dedication you have put into our class’ preparation for the CFA exam. It has, in my opinion, been indispensable. Thank you very much!”

– Frants Preis, CFA

“Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and the team for your assistance on preparation for CFA Level II exam. I have passed and will be making use of your services for Level III.”

– Nathaniel Pillay

“Just to inform you that I passed my CFA level I exam. I appreciate the assistance and thorough and beneficial lectures run by FTS. They proved to be a defining factor in getting me through the exam.”

– Rhys Hodkinson

“Thank you for all your help and guidance! I can’t recommend your courses enough!”

– Arieh Esra

“I passed CFA 1 in December. The classes made it easier for me to understand the new concepts. I have a computer science and physics background so this was a completely new world.”

– Mugu Mtsetfwa

“Just to let you guys know, I passed Level 2! I could not do this without you guys and the Kaplan program (and all the lecturers as well!).”

– Carlo Tong

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed level I. Thanks for your help. I gained a lot from the 3-day workshop. See you in level II.”

– Tebogo Meloa

“I am happy to inform, that thanks to you guys at Financial Training Solutions, I passed my level 2 this year and just registered for CFA Level III!”

– Nerine Gouws

“Congratulations to you and the team as I have passed level 1! Thank you for your assistance and contribution”

– Odwa Ngxingo

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